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Hi – I am Akim! 
Senior Art Director & Brand Designer 


For +8 years I have

been creating solutions 

through conceptual 

design and creativity.

I do not decorate.

I emphasize what is 

already there.


  Selected works 


Loyalty Program

Together with an awesome team we created an extraordinary brand. Positioning, Naming - and my part - the design. Refreshing the world of loyalty programs and discounts.

I designed from scratch the complete look & feel of a brand
and product for digital touch points that is red-hot in today's times: liquid hand soap. Combining design with a social message and "hands on" for the best of all.

We designed and realised a global employer brand across 3 sub-brands
in 30 countries. At METRO you can shape the M and have real impact on a company, the whole industry and your personal career path.

As a proud member of the Occhio-Team at Martin et Karczinski, I got the opportunity to be part of various high-end brand projects, evolving Occhio from a German design brand to an emotional, storytelling lifestyle and luxury brand.

Digital conference
branding & design

I defined the design and took care of its consistent implementation on all touch points for the successful NEXEEDit summit
of Bosch Connected Industry, which brings together experts in the fields of digital transformation in manufacturing and logistics.

I am fascinated by the possibilities and differences of anagloue and digital ways of expressing colours, shapes and haptics. Combining both, a huge playground appears ...

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