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Hello there!

I am a creative and design professional with more than 7 years of experience in large and small agencies and as a freelancer.

I feel most comfortable with projects where I design the overall look
and feel and can manage its consistent implementation and translation into a variety of channels and applications.

I am the guy that is starting a discussion with a developer about
micro-typography 2 h before the launch at 10 p.m. 😁. I am exact.
As an 
allrounder, I enjoy working together with specialized experts
in their fields.

I'm constantly gathering inspiration and searching for innovative ideas and new ways of user-centered and solution-orientated design. 

I love to experiment, try around, improvise and question to get the most out of the given opportunities and conditions.  I really enjoy the process of discovering new skills and methods, as much as sharing and supporting this experience with others.

In my spare time I am among other things an abstract artist.
I am passionate about good 
stories – consuming them as movies
and audiobooks.

Located in Berlin.

My toolbox:

— my heart, brain & intuition, constantly fed with inspiration from the outside world, build on experiences from past projects

— Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Sketch, Figma, XD, After Effects, PremierePro, Keynote, Google Slides

... someone stops for
a moment, because something that I did,
looks and works amazing
and is thus adding value
to the live of that person. That's my motivation.

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