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The briefing: create a POS campaign that
works for all types of glasses, all genders
and without any testimonials.

The solution: visualizing the essence of all
Silhouette glasses, the combination of lightness
and durability, abstractly.

Silhouette is considered the inventor of frameless glasses. The feeling of lightness, the "not feel" of the glasses when worn, also resulting from the extremely high quality, flexible and durable materials, is one of the core values of the brand.

With a high-speed camera that shoots 1000 images per second, we implemented my idea: the abstract visualization of the tension between
the two opposites of the feeling of lightness and robust durability
which are combined in the glasses.

The client liked the result so much that a second shooting took place
to increase the number of motifs and to adapt them to male and female categories for print ads and social media.

My role in the project
Conception of the visual campaign idea and art direction for the productions and post production. Key visual design and conception.

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