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Making the brand

and its message


at first sight.

The briefing was as simple as it was comprehensive: define the complete look and feel of the "stop it" brand. The product: liquid hand soap. The positioning: a premium natural cosmetic product that has made it its mission to establish hand washing as a conscious contribution to social responsibility. 

My role in this project
I as the main responsible Designer and Art Director, I designed the complete look & feel of the brand: corporate identity, product and packaging design, web design, social media communication, art direction for photo shoots, motion design - and, last but not least, the claim comes from my pen: stop it. its in your hands.

Instead of just marking communication assets with a logo, I wanted to turn every text of communication to a visual branding element. This was achieved by accentuating the inherent circles in the font to create a unique bespoke type.

IMG_1205 Kopie.jpg
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