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The briefing 
Create a unique brand that spices up the dusty image of bonus programs.This brand lives and communicates exclusively on the platforms and channels of the partners. The design had to
address these special features, be very versatile and flexible in its application and, above all,
do one thing: ensure recognizability across platforms and partners. We created: POOL

My role in the project
Design-lead. I was responsible for the visual concept and in charge of the complete implementation. I coordinated internal and external designers, copywriters and service providers. I was also the client's contact person and problem solver for all visual topics. 

How to create a brand with strong recognizability,
even though it only exists in the environments of other, very established brands?

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Using Ai-technology for the first time, I created several alphabets and letters, which took up, or contrasted the inflated style of the visuals in different ways. This opened new ways to apply the  style in typography.

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